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  • Jason Hesley

Metalcore act LA COMMUNE introduce single 'THE OPTIMISTIC KID' from upcoming album!

‘THE OPTIMISTIC KID’ is the debut single of the upcoming full length album from metalcore act La COMMUNE. The band's approach is a modern heavy metal foundation with a touch of hardcore but the single's approach is catchy, fast paced, and includes a variety of metal styles.

La COMMUNE is a French metal band, formed in Paris in 2017. The band is deeply rooted in the historical event of Commune De Paris, hence their name. After being unable to promote their second EP, ‘AGAINST THE CURRENTS,’ during the covid pandemic, the band went the DIY route and started preparing the upcoming full length, including the production and mixing.

‘THE OPTIMISTIC KID,’ exhales all the despair and anger of the world’s current situation and the loss of those illusions otherwise. These frustrations and emotions birth a track that is built upon a hard hitting metal foundation with a traditional melodic approach mixed with the fervor and energy of extreme metal.

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