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  • Jason Hesley

METAL VRAU in double attack "noisy"!

Recently, the METAL VRAU channel released two great and new 'collab' videos that will make the joy of lovers of good old "noise", a Thrash Metal and another Hard Rock! When "noises" are good, there are no obstacles or labels that prevent us from enjoying them, are there?

The first is for the track "Only", one of the most beloved albums of the gigantic American quintet of Thrash Metal ANTHRAX, the "The Sound Of White Noise" (1993), and the other for "Cum On Fell The Noise",cover that the also giant QUIET RIOT made of the classic band SLADE, surpassing and making even more success than its original version. Both "Noise" of the good ones!

Check out the version that METAL VRAU made to"Only" (Anthrax)in:

The heavyweight monsters that participated in this 'collab' were:

Duda Franco - Vocals (Sandman) (@dudamelofranco)

Cesar Covero - Guitar (Sick/VoodooPriest/Endrah) (@cesarcovero)

Felipe Jeronimo - Bass (Sandman) (@felipejeronymo_bass)

Herbert Loureiro - Drums (Sick/Sandman/Território Inimigo) (@herberttloureiro)

Check out the version metal VRAU made for "Cum On Feel The Noise" (Quiet Riot) at:

The musicians participating in this 'collab' were:

Daniel Volgan - Vocal (@danielvolgan)

Rafael Pacheco - Guitarra (Untrusted/Empire/Metal Vrau) (@rafaelrcpacheco)

Vitor Schifinaguel- Bass (@vitorschifnaguel)

Nel Martins - Drums (@neldrummer)

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