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  • Jason Hesley

MERRIMACK Delve to Enigmatic Depths on "Dead and Distant Clamors"

Merrimack are unraveling another piece of Of Grace and Gravity. Today, the renowned French black metal band are releasing their new album's cosmic, eerie second single.

Listen to "Dead and Distant Clamors":

"Dead and Distant Clamors" dives into an existential abyss. The lyrics not only confront the powers that shape this world, but also our eternal struggle against great beyond.

"Who proclaims, who decides, who announces the end of orations?" vocalist Vestal protests. "Captive of forms that vitrify again this side of reality".

This battle against the inevitable is waged against a Merrimack's signature backdrop of relentless, dissonant, atmospheric black metal. "Dead and Distant Clamors" unfolds like a dark cosmic ballet, stirring emotions that range from despair to defiance.         

Of Grace and Gravity comes out March 8, 2024 on Season of Mist.

Here's what Merrimack have to say about the release of Dead and Distant Clamors:

"This song pays tribute to old-school black metal, embracing its desperate atmosphere and incorporating haunting, slow sections reminiscent of a depressive waltz", says Merrimack. "Guitars engage in a conversation around a hypnotic crescendo, while the vocals articulate the inevitable possibilities of decay. Expect nothing less than a pure homage to the essence of darkness".

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