• Jason Hesley

MERCYLESS to release "Sovereign Evil" EP!

When done recording latest album "The Mother of All Plagues" before geting it mixed and mastered, MERCYLESS decided to record a few bonus tracks, their first ever recorded cover versions, paying homage to the band's influences back in the mid '80s when bands like HELLHAMMER, VENOM, POSSESSED or MOTÖRHEAD got iconic frontman Max OTERO to form his own and spit at the face of Christ and religious belief as a whole.

Four songs got recorded, nearly live, in the rehearsal room chanelling the essence of the '80s evil with their raw and brutal sound and interpretation. There are flaws and mostakes, the sound is as crude it can be but the spirit has been captured and transcended.

Exclusively available as bonuses to the "Sovereign Evil" collector versions of the album, those four covers are now available to a larger audience as the "Sovereign Evil" digital EP.

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