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  • Jason Hesley

Mental Cruelty release video for "Nordlys"

Zwielicht, the latest full-length album from Mental Cruelty, will be made available via Century Media Records on June 23. “Nordlys” their newest offering describes the tale of the Nordic afterlife, where ancient deities and restless spirits reign with almighty wrath. Follow the journey of souls rising up to heaven, but beware the phantoms of the afterlife and the omen of bane; the “Nordlys” may be listened to HERE; the awesome music video (produced by Aurora Motion Pictures) can be watched here later today at 9AM PT/12PM ET/6PM CEST:

Pre-Order Zwielicht here:

Mental Cruelty comments on the new single: “The song "Nordlys" is about ancient sagas of the northern lights, interpreted differently by Vikings and Norwegian tribes. These tales interpreted the lights in the sky in different ways. We should approach new situations positively, remembering fear often lies in our heads. Musically, it's not a typical Mental Cruelty song, with an acoustic guitar intro and orchestration setting the mood. The song ends with a guitar riff that will make you want to headbang.”

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