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  • Jason Hesley

Melodic metal band Abandon All returns with new material after the debut album released this spring!

Finnish female fronted melodic metal band Abandon All returns with new material after their debut album "Far Away" that was released on March 31st this year. "The Wolf and the Owl" is a single track from the upcoming EP "Strong" that shall come out early 2024. The song is an ode to friendship that weave a tale of growth and unity. The lyrics are portraying the profound impact of friendship on personal evolution. The song feature Capri from Amberian Dawn on guest vocals.


Listen to the single on music services:

Watch the lyric video:


Abandon All was founded in 2020 and after one year the line-up stabilized to it's current form - Monia Sommer (Vocals), Juha Nygren (Guitar), Kari Harjunniemi (Guitar), Ami Havukainen (Drums) ja Sami Heinonen (Bass)

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