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  • Jason Hesley

Melodic death project PRIMALFROST release new guitar playthrough video for BRINGER OF IMMENSITY!

Bringer of Immensity ’ is the next video from epic melodic death metal project PRIMALFROST. The song, the second track from the latest album ‘LOST ELEGIES’ is both vibrant and energetic, rooted in the raucous violence of death metal. The song’s fervor is balanced by epic melodies and beautiful harmonies that hearken back to the glory days of melodic death with a modern approach. The video, created by Dark Moon Productions and mix/mastered by Jonathan LeFrancois-Leduc, features a sterling performance by Dean Paul Arnold.

PRIMALFROST is a one-man project from Canada, formed by Dean Paul Arnold. Over the years he has toured in many bands, including BELPHEGOR, VITAL REMAINS, and HATE. He has toured in over 40 countries across four continents and several large festivals including WACKEN OPEN AIR and SUMMER BREEZE. PRIMALFROST is his creative force around touring, handling all the details of the band himself including songwriting and playing each instrument.

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