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  • Jason Hesley

Melodic Death Metal Unit WOLFHEART Unleashes New Official Video for “Knell”

Melodic death metal powerhouse WOLFHEART have shared their new official video for the blistering song “Knell”, cut from their recently released full-length studio album, King of the North, out now via Napalm Records. Following the sonic legacy of their previous albums, King of the North resonates with their trademark blend of colossal melodies, earth shaking vocals, gripping lyricism and driving rhythms. After the release of the album and their subsequent, recently-wrapped European tour, WOLFHEART strengthen their howls for another round.

Knell”, the third song on the album, befittingly continues the electrifying mood of the previous songs, creating epic soundscapes along the way. Skillfully combining powerful riffs, hefty instrumentals and earthshaking vocals, WOLFHEART show their insatiable hunger for the art of melodic death metal. The new video matches this mood perfectly, relentlessly pulling audiences into the exhilarating world of King of the North.

WOLFHEART’s guitarist/vocalist Tuomas Saukkonen adds:

"After an agonizing three years of waiting to get back on the road, it was like an early Christmas, birthday and all the kinder eggs from Easter combined to share a tour with the magnificent ULTIMA RATIO package and get to play new songs to our fans across Europe. Having a video shot from the tour is the best way to remember the awesome crew we had, top notch venue staff and especially all those hands in the air, voices from the crowd and the connection between us and the audience interweaved by the music."

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