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  • Jason Hesley

melodic death metal band Beyond The Hate releases second single and music video "Alone I Die"

The Finnish melodic death metal band Beyond The Hate is set to release an anticipated debut album Darkest Times on March 8th 2024 via Inverse Records. The second single 'Alone I Die' is released today with a stunning music video which can be seen here: LISTEN Alone I Die on streaming services: "The idea for the lyrics of the song was born when I was in a cabin in Finnish Lapland, thinking how wonderful a place it is for a person to be and why not to die. The song is not suicidal at all, and doesn't contain a drop of self-pity. Rather, it is an honest, raw statement that this is where I will spend my time and I may not always have a partner with me." says vocalist Niko Kalinainen

Bass player Mikko Monto states: "The bass riff in the intro of the song was a long time in the making process with the band and producer, and finally we got the right vibe to get the song off to a good start with the guitars. The interludes are also nice to play live and bring good variety to the song in addition with the beautiful slow end. I think the story is about how most of us do indeed die alone, with a lot of darkness, pain and death along the path of life. The song is also accompanied by a nice music video, directed and edited by Juha Sihtola of MadCamProduction. The video was shot in the Black Bear Hall in Kerava and in the beautiful forest and seaside scenery of Finland."

Drummer Tommy Uhtio tells: "In our band we truly like powerful double kick drum sixteenth note single strokes. I think it is a repeating element in our songs and kind of a signature feature in Beyond the Hate’s music. The song “Alone I Die” is no exception to this. The verse is double bass driven heavy beat. Originally also the chorus was entirely double bass but during the drum recordings we felt that something was off. We change the chorus so that for the first four bars are basic drum beat and the following four bars are then again with the double bass drum pattern. This change really made a difference to the rhythm, dynamics and the groove of the song." LISTEN the first single 'The Lighthouse' on streaming services: PRE-SAVE album: PRE-ORDER CD from HERE.

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