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  • Jason Hesley

Melodeath/Metalcore act TEMPTATIONS FOR THE WEAK launch music video for single IN BETWEEN!

The thrashy yet melodic grooves of TEMPTATIONS FOR THE WEAK’s single ‘IN BETWEEN’ exemplify the focused arrangements of the Belgium metal band’s latest full length album, ‘FALLEN FROM THE STARS.’ The band’s musical influences are built into the album but that foundation has allowed it to become a work with an identity very much to itself, which can be streamed on Spotify here.

After the band’s hard work secured them a record deal with Necktwister, the album hit the scene in January of 2023. Its modern sound fused with an aggressive approach has generated airplays on Belgian radio stations and the familiar but dynamic songs of ‘FALLEN FROM THE STARS’ will ensure the whole world will soon experience them.

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