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  • Jason Hesley

Melancholic metal band Abandon All from Finland has released their debut album Far Away!

Finnish female fronted metal band Abandon All has released their debut album "Far Away". The album's lyrical theme is based on stories about human life and experiences. About sorrow, loss of a loved one, the struggle with your inner demons, being bullied and living your life with constant pain. Within the grim topics there is also subjects as falling in love, friendship and conquering yourself. The band's sound is lead by strong and emotional female vocals and melancholic guitar melodies.

Listen to the album on music services: Abandon All was founded in 2020 and after one year the line-up stabilized to it's current form - Monia Sommer (Vocals), Juha Nygren (Guitar), Kari Harjunniemi (Guitar), Ami Havukainen (Drums) ja Sami Heinonen (Bass)

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