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  • Jason Hesley

MELAN SELAS unveil their "Zephyrean Hymns"

Scheduled for a 22 September 2023 release, "Zephyrean Hymns" breathes new life into the black metal scene and promises to place the band among the greats of the Greek black metal scene.

"A quest through space and time, an ascension to something greater... Zephyrean Hymns lead our cause," this is how the band describes the new album.

"Zephyrean Hymns" consists of eight songs that create a unique atmosphere. Sometimes the listener is assaulted by raging riffs and eerie screams and at other times engrossed in seductive vocals travelling with dreamy melodies.

Hailing from Trikala, Greece, Melan Selas formed in 2015 and have so far released two EPs and one full-length album, “Φάος”. The band consists of D.K. (Riffobia, Katavasia) who handles all instruments and Astraea (Oletir) on vocals and lyrics.

Melan Selas' music genre can be defined as black metal with epic and atmospheric elements, as well as some black/thrash metal sections. The lyrical themes of the project vary between nature, ancient times and philosophy. In 2016 they released their debut work, a self-titled EP. "ῬΕΟΝ" followed in 2018, released in vinyl format and in 2019 they released their full-length album "ΦΑΟΣ". Currently, Melan Selas are on the way for the release of their new album "Zephyrean Hymns", which is to be out in September 2023 via The Circle Music.

"Zephyrean Hymns" is available to pre-order via The Circle Music in the following formats:

Luxurious Black Box embossed in Silver including: Vinyl + A5 Digipack CD + Zip Hoodie (Limited to 100 copies):

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