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  • Jason Hesley

MEGATON LEVIATHAN Reveals "Silver Tears" Video & Limited Edition Flexi Disk!

MEGATON LEVIATHAN presents a visual accompaniment to their latest doomgaze offering, "Silver Tears" showcasing the new line up in action. The trio have also launched a limited edition 2-piece flexi disk set featuring the single "Silver Tears" and an unreleased track. 

Reuscher comments on the "Silver Tears" Video:

"It’s been a rough time for everyone in recent years. I felt that levity was in order. Everything is new again and I’m feeling like a fool. Good times and good fun was in reach and while we where at it made it a family affair. My sibling and I set up some cameras and took a stab at making the video for 'Silver Tears'. 

Fiona (my sibling) took the reigns in editing it, having previous experience making obscure gangster rap music videos in Modesto CA. It's something I hope our fans/friends enjoy and we did our best to convey a positive message. Be true to yourself and do what you love."

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