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  • Jason Hesley

MAUDIIR Unleashes Riff Driven Blackened Thrash Single “Toxic Cloud”

Maudiir is a one-man project that started from a need to be independent and produce music at a pace that F. alone decides. Over the years, that freedom has come to be quite fulfilling for him, he moves forward in the direction he wants and follows his creative desires to produce his signature blend of blackened thrash metal. Thus far, Maudiir has released two EPs and a third “Soliloque” is on the horizon. The riff-driven EP has already been introduced with the single “L'Éloge du Cuivre” and the momentum is continued with the single “Toxic Cloud”.

“Toxic Cloud” starts off with a classic metal/almost hard rock feel, then goes into a black metal frenzy with a very epic ending. Generally, Maudiir is inspired by what is going on in the world; politics, religion, consumer society, and environment, true to those themes, the single is about the Bhopal disaster in India. Maudiir shares his thoughts on the upcoming EP:

“It is a riff-driven EP with big bass grooves and corrosive vocals raging on environmental issues, mixing thrash metal, black metal, and progressive elements, giving it a unique sound and feel. Honestly, when I’m working on an EP, I pretty much let the songs come as they are without trying to force a style or recipe. Nothing is really planned. I think the vocals are the glue to what I do; it’s the sound of my voice that makes MAUDIIIR, like it or not.”

Everything in Maudiir is done by F. Every song on “Soliloque” started on guitar, then drums were added, followed by bass and vocals. One song is worked on at a time, from start to finish before a second one is started. Also, in order to be more fluid and closer to a one-take feel, this EP was rehearsed a lot more before tracking than previous EPs, and same with the vocals. These small changes keep things interesting for Maudiir.

With inspiration such as the first Emperor album, a lot of Mayhem records, and pretty much everything Satyricon has done, Maudiir is recommended for fans of Ihsahn, Carcass, and Darkthrone.

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