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  • Jason Hesley

Massachusetts' VoidKeeper's Debut Album "Of Rotten Flesh And Withered Bone" Takes Listeners on a Brutal Emotional Odyssey!

Hailing from Massachusetts, Voidkeeper offers its first full length album. Recorded at The Bridge Sound and Stage ( Cambridge Massachusetts) by master engineer Alex Allinson, this sonic representation of decline rips through you with 8 brutal, gut wrenching tracks. Listeners are transported through a vast labyrinth of emotion.

Reaching far into the desolate depths of ancient cult worship, disenchanted faith and remorseless failures. Torn by razor sharp claws, wounds are ripped open, exposing the feelings of burning alive, the feelings of a soul, left wandering an ancient world. Baren of hope, direction, and faith. Paying homage to HP Lovecraft, and even the legendary author, Stephen king, “Of Rotten Flesh and Withered Bone” enriches listeners with stories of Mythical Beasts, trials and tribulations of man kind, and derelict worlds. Melodic guitar riffs lead the listeners into their own minds. Letting every note pull their natural emotions forth. Moments of anger, moments of despair, all brought to the surface. Kept in place by bass grooves set to leave the body to fall into the rhythm.

Punching blast beats, double kick runs and extensive cymbal work instill the feeling of shock across nearly every track. From brutal chug based riffs, to intricate bridges, Guitarist Alexander Gunn sets a tone unmatched by others. Rooted in Death metal, doom metal and black metal. In a mere moment listeners are taken from the rush of tremolo picking of black metal, to the grooves of Doom. This tale of withered bones is brought to the forefront by Garreth Byrne. Ear shattering screams, lyrics of brutal tales and drawn out wails drag any listener deep below the prospect of everyday life. Bassist Bowen Staines hems a deep fiery groove, laid carefully into each track. Giving each and every track, a doomy undertone. Lastly the nails holding this chaotic symphony together, are pounded in by drummer Mark Cerundolo. Incorporating clean blast beats, double bass runs, and fills aimed at furthering the ambience of each song. “Of Withered Bone and Rotten Flesh” brings light our own emotions, displays our hearts on our chests, then proceeds to tear down both. Leaving all listeners in a vast see of calculated, chaos.

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