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  • Jason Hesley

Mass Punishment Pulverizes With "Blood Dirt," New Single Explores Iraq War's Legacy!

Extreme metal force Mass Punishment unleashes their powerful new single, "Blood Dirt," today via Wormholedeath. The track serves as a scathing indictment of the Iraq War, raising questions about its true purpose and the devastating consequences.

Blood Dirt was recorded at Trax East and Bullet Proof Studios in NJ by Producer Eric Rachel. George Pond guided additional post-production work at The Bomb Shelter Studio.

The band stated: "This song touches on the wars in the Middle East. More poignantly about Operation Iraqi Freedom and hidden agendas in the underlying reasons for committing the USA to that particular war in the region. A country in peril with the US invading with military might not seen since WWII. Death and destruction lay in the dust trails as the US and coalition forces pushed further into Iraq. “Blood turns the sand to soil”. Was it for Liberating a people from a tyrannical regime? Was it for a taste of revenge from political leaders? Or was it for oil? Listen to the song and make your own determination."

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