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  • Jason Hesley

MARTYRED: Texas death metallers premiere "Sadist Globe" lyric video!

Texas death metallers MARTYRED are premiering the lyric video of "Sadist Globe". Watch it HERE.

The song is featured on the band's debut album, "The Relegation", out now on CD, MC, digital and vinyl LP formats via Time To Kill Records.

"'Sadist Globe' travels into the mind of a madman whose obsession thrives on seeing the human race destroy itself. Longing for the global decline of modern man, he embraces the chaos-induced visions of mental and physical trauma as euphoric dopamine rushes through his veins".

Album tracklist:

1. Shadows of Deception

2. Sadist Globe

3. Iniquitous Transformation

4. Baneful Scorn

5. Relegation

6. Divine Pestilence

7. Toxic Transmissions

8. Carnage Incarnate

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