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  • Jason Hesley


In the vast, vaulted halls of desolation, in the light of the eternal flames and the perpetual shadows that they cast, here upon the billion steps to oblivion, between the wailing roots of the wood of suicides, the dead and damned rage bitterly at the injustice of their fate. As weary devils enact their torments they curse the inevitability of their fate; forgetting how they laughed upon the path to sorrow, pledging their existence to self destruction, how they blocked their ears to salvation and trampled over hope to grasp at fading pleasures…

Hailing from Monterey, California Mangled Carpenter are purveyors of heart quaking death metal, infected with the stuttering madness of grindcore, who explore the convoluted maze of human nature and the parallel paths of damnation and salvation. Following in the wake of their 2021 full length debut album, Under The Shadow, of which HM Magazine said it “fascinates and offends the senses all at the same time”, the trio have returned with the pulverizing power of Salvation Syndrome! Salvation Syndrome gives no warnings, no explanations of the fury that is about to be unleashed - without a moment’s hesitation Mangled Carpenter take the listener in an unbreakable grip and cast them headfirst into an unforgiving maelstrom of sound. First single, ‘Lumberyard’, switches from fearsome, flaying blasts to juddering jabs of malevolence, landing blows of immeasurable magnitude, before we are drawn inexorably into the unnerving atmosphere and surging savagery of ‘A Path To Sorrow’, which features a guest vocal appearance from Betrayal’s Chris Ackerman. From that point on there is no respite on this careering ride through the badlands of human existence that lie between the gardens of paradise and the charred gates of Gehenna. Together the frenzied rhythms of drummer Mac Hine, intricate, irresistible riffs and monstrous voice of guitarist/vocalist Seth Metoyer and the devastating bottom end of bassist Kris Olson have created a fearsome, fascinating, enthralling and intimidating album – the implacable force that is Salvation Syndrome!

Recorded in the band’s Monterey home town at Broken Curfew Studios, Salvation Syndrome will be released with the combined backing of Rottweiler Records and Broken Curfew Records on October 27th, adorned in the powerful artwork of Mangled Carpenter’s own Seth Metoyer. With additional guest appearances from Jason Wisdom of Becoming The Archetype and long term friend and collaborator Rob Clark, Salvation Syndrome is the perfect amalgamation of grinding brutality and inspired creativity, driven by the band’s unwavering beliefs. Take cover and prepare for detonation – because Mangled Carpenter are back!

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