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  • Jason Hesley

MAN MACHINE INDUSTRY Unleashes New Single “Information Overload” (ft. Dave Hill from Demon)!

The Swedish thrash/heavy metaller MAN MACHINE INDUSTRY has a new single and this time you better keep your ears tuned! The new track is called “Information Overload” and sees the mastermind J. Bergman duet with Dave Hill from the legendary NWOBHM pioneers DEMON!

J. Bergman thus described this great experience:

I was about fourteen years old when I first heard the legendary NWOBHM pioneers DEMON for the first time. This was my first time jamming with other musicians and one of the guys started playing that "Night Of The Demon" riff on guitar and then the second guitarist came in and I was hooked! We jammed that song for weeks on end on the stereo and in the rehearsals. DEMON quickly became a fave band along with Saxon, Motörhead, Tank, Raven and all those other legends from the NWOBHM movement.

Little did I know that I would one day share the stage with Mr. Dave Hill at a festival years later (2019). I went up to Dave backstage and told him my story and how much DEMON meant, and still means, to me. He laughed hard and we had a beer and talked for almost an hour about music, life, getting old, him becoming a granddad and lots of other stuff.

A few months later I started working on the Eschaton-trilogy and I came up with this song. I got in touch with producer/songwriter Erik Mårtensson (Eclipse) to see if he had some cool ideas for a vocal melody to it and sure enough, he delivered a kick ass melody as always. When I heard Eriks version of it I said to myself: -This song would be SO cool as a duet. So I asked my label boss to hook me up with Daves manager Mike Stone and I later sent the track to Dave and he nailed it 100%. I couldn’t believe my ears.

The emotion, the feeling, the voice, it's all there... pure magic.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a thrash song, yet a very melodic one but the thrash nerve is there combined with some classic heavy metal, old school style. I am so lucky to have had one of my all-time musical heroes to do this with me.

Honored. Truly honored.

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