• Jason Hesley


Malus Dextra, formed to make in impact in the music scene with heavy, hard hitting music designed to make you love the band for all the right reasons. Too often do the flash and lights blind the true talent and the music itself, Their ability to blend melodic and highly aggressive vocals in patterns that span every side of the metal genre itself, makes them a rare diamond in the rough. Malus Dextra is resetting the clock’s of time and bringing you back to the most important thing, Metal! Too often do subgenere’s get in the way and limit the ability to be true to yourself and your creativity, you will not find that here! Malus Dextra brings all the subgenere’s together to give you diversity and intensity! Hoping to give the fans and musicians just what the industry has been missing, Unity!

The new album, "The Gate" was released on Oct. 31 via TraumaSphere Entertainment.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Slug

2. Break, Slay Fucker!

3. Strife

4. The Gate

5. Awakening

6. The Fall

7. Pastor-ized (Interlude)

8: Rise

9. Deceiver**

10. Metal 101

11. Your Disease*

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