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  • Jason Hesley

Maestus Resurrects 'Rainroom' - A Heartfelt Tribute to Late Bandmate, Jarrod Hyam!

Maestus unveiled their heartrending tribute to the late Jarrod Hyam with a re-release of the cover single "Rainroom". In a time when the line between loss and memory blurs, the band offers a comforting and cathartic space for fans to come to terms with Hyam's passing.

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When asked about the inspiration behind the choice of "Rainroom" as a tribute to Hyam, SP, the band's guitarist, bassist and vocalist, said, "Jarrod and I started Maestus in 2013, beginning with our admiration for depressive doom bands like My Dying Bride, Shape of Despair, Katatonia, and (early) Anathema. We both loved Katatonia's 'Brave Murder Day' album for many reasons, but partially because of Mikael Akerfeldt's contribution to the harsh vocals. Jarrod and I instantly connected with the idea of doing 'Rainroom.'"

The tribute track was initially recorded back in 2014 during the "Voir Dire" sessions and marks the last song Hyam ever recorded with Maestus. Reflecting on that time, SP shares, "I remember that I didn't wanna do just a simple 1-to-1 cover of 'Rainroom' and that I wanted to put our own spin on it... I do remember that we played this live at a festival in 2014 in Oregon once, but I don't believe we ever played it again. Maybe it's time..."

Fast forward to 2023, and "Rainroom" has been meticulously remixed and remastered, adding new depth and resonance to the original track. Revisiting the track was an emotional journey for the band, and SP confessed, "It was an exciting journey, to say the least... When Jarrod passed in 2022, I knew that I wanted to release that cover to pay homage to him and his musical legacy, but I needed to take some time with myself to mix and master it. It's not an easy feat to listen to a dead friend's voice over and over and over again."

In the coming month, Maestus will return to Sprout City Studios to record their first new material since "Daybreak's Advent". The absence of Hyam's contributions will be felt, but his influence lives on in the band's evolving sound and creative direction. SP assures fans, "Jarrod's influence will be all over our follow-up to 'Daybreak's Advent.'... I know that if I can 'hear' Jarrod in my head saying, 'Fuck yeah, that's it' - then I know it's a riff he would have loved."

Join Maestus in this commemoration of Jarrod's legacy and journey with them through their emotional and musical evolution with the stirring cover of "Rainroom."

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