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  • Jason Hesley

Lust release "INVICTVS"

Discipline and confrontation are never under question for Lust, they rather form an indissoluble unit with their hardcore.

Founded in 2019 by well-known members of the Madrid underground scene, Carlos Gustavo (Deymos), Alejandro Pardo (Cyanide), Andrés Carrasco (The Marriage), Luis Miguel Cuervas (Moderm Man Desease) and Sergio Arguijo (Dellamorte Dellamore) create this project feeding it, as they explain, “with principles such as the anti-fascist struggle, denouncing racism and not supporting any kind of discrimination to any vulnerable collective”. Lust also support the defense of animal rights, as well as solidarity towards those in need, “and always working together as a brotherhood”.

Already regulars on stage and even having shared the bill with Sick Of It All, they now present INVICTVS, a devastating first album whose title vindicates the spirit of overcoming, strength and struggle, values they always stand up for. This initial assault is full of the hardest and most contentious hardcore, it doesn’t shy away from dark blastbeats or crushing sections, without missing in variety. For example, the rawness or vocals on ‘Fenix’ and ‘Isolation’ are almost death metal, while ‘Live To See’ contains more accessible choruses.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by singer Luis Miguel Cuevas and Lust at Los del Control Estudio in Madrid, and featuring a cover and artwork by Mario C. Vaises, INVICTVS will hit you with viciousness while inviting you to fight for their many just causes.

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