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  • Jason Hesley

LUNARSEA Release New Stunning Lyric Video "Humanoid, Mannequinn, Androgyne"!

Italian melodic death metallers LUNARSEA have just posted online their new lyric video for "Humanoid, Mannequinn, Androgyne", taken from the latest album "Earthling/Terrestre" released last January via Punishment 18 Records.

Just recently LUNARSEA released Andrea Miazzetto‘s drum playthrough video for ‘Polar Covalent Bond’, watch it here:

Also watch

‘Polar Covalent Bond’ lyric video:

Polar Covalent Bond guitar walkthrough:

Humanoid, Mannequinn, Androgyne guitar walkthrough:

‘In Expectance’ lyric video:

“The Fourth Magnetar”, lyric video, feat. SOILWORK’s Björn “Speed”:

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