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  • Jason Hesley

Lumberghast unleash "First Person Shooter"

Emerging like a murderer from the mist, draped in a foul miasma of dark electronics and vicious riffs comes Lumberghast; the creation of a demon of sound, a mind flaying, soul stealing enchanter who goes by the name of Otto Von Lumberghast. Fuelling his creativity with an elixir of misanthropy and violence, he inhales the essence of human negativity and exhales black shadows and nightmares. His first weapon against the world is here…an unholy, unnerving entwining of dark synthwave and extreme metal, industrial sound palettes and overloaded circuitry…this is First Person Shooter.

Spawned in the unspeakable horrors of Zebadiah Crowe’s immoral laboratories Otto has known only darkness and madness. Little wonder that his musical witchcraft should be so steeped in blood. Opening with the subterranean rumble of ‘Hello Decimator’, First Person Shooter proceeds to invade your mind and body, its thumping beats dancing through your veins, its insidious malice blackening your heart. A bleak vision of a dystopian future armed with the shocking despair of tracks like ‘Arcade Bloodbath’ and ‘Kaizu Headache Flowers’ First Person Shooter will shake you to the point of disintegration.

At the same time as he launches the spite missile of First Person Shooter at the world, Otto Von Lumberghast is beginning a career in professional wrestling with UBWUltimate British Wrestling. He will walk to the ring with the Lumberghast track ‘Splatterhouse’ sending tremors through venues and turning his opponents’ blood to water. And Lumberghast will be coming for you on May 1st, ready to infiltrate every aspect of your being and repaint your world in shades of black and neon. The nightmare is about to begin.

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