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  • Jason Hesley

Louvado Abismo to release self-titled album on May 31st!

Portugal’s Louvado Abismo offers us their self-titled debut record, delving into the depths of the abyss through the intricate layers of schizophrenia and psychological disturbance. The album is set for vinyl and digital release on 31 May via Half Beast Records, with a CD release to follow.

Despite being a new formation, Louvado Abismo boasts seasoned members from diverse artistic backgrounds, including theater actress Patrícia Andrade (ex- Sinistro) on vocals, Hugo Conim (Dawnrider, The Limit, ...) on guitars, Pedro Almeida (Scum Liquor, A Tree of Signs, ...) on drums, and Hélder Luís (Mozart Meets Chaos, The Sleeper has Awakened, ...) on bass.

Musically, Louvado Abismo’s debut is a melting pot, blending Christian Death with Siouxsie and the Banshees, or even Godflesh with Killing Joke, Swans and Ministry. Throughout the album, the quartet redefines the ‘80s aesthetic, weaving it into their own distinct and modern approach.

The drum arrangements, shifting between rhythmic syncopation and loose, danceable beats, are complemented by distorted synthesized guitars, creating a glamorous and engaging vibe reminiscent of the '80s, where heaviness and melody intertwine. The bass, with its different textures and layers, adds a cinematic side, where sensations and landscapes merge and intensify, at times conveying agony and disorder, at others, ecstasy and groove.

Patrícia’s vocals, sung in Portuguese with theatrical intensity, serve as the central character of the lyrics. Ranging from strong and shouted to sweet and melancholic, her voice guides the listeners through an abyss of formless and surreal thoughts, evoking shivers and transcending mere musical expression.

The formula above makes this set of 10 songs a conceptual work that plunges the listeners into a black hole, where the decompensated human mind commands, portraying madness and transmitting visions and sensations that envelop and consume the body.

Track Listing:

01. Louvado Abismo

02. Alma Incandescente

03. Corrida Lenta [VideoAudio]

04. Espuma

05. Bons Ventos

06. Vazio

07. Dois Sóis

08. Corpo Inerte

09. Mundo

10. Ausente

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