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  • Jason Hesley

LOSE YOUR MIND, the new Break Me Down official video!

After the release of the first single See Me Fall with Veronica Driven on vocals, Break Me Down present Lose Your Mind, a new track with a fast-paced rhythm, big guitars, and captivating vocals.

The numbers of the song See Me Fall are, for an independent band, noteworthy: over 68K plays on Spotify and more than 45K views on YouTube without counting the constant growth of new followers on each social media platform.

Veronica, frontwoman of the band, says: “We all grew up with a happy ending: the prince who saves the princess from the evil witch or the evil queen. Many beautiful fairy tales have been written and many wonderful cartoons and films have been shot. But those stories are not true! We know very well that real life is not a fairy tale and there is rarely a happy ending. In a nutshell: in reality, the bad guys win. The whole process of writing our new songs started from this perspective. We wanted to give a voice to the villains of fairy tales and tell their stories, and their feelings. It is not true that we are only good or only bad. It depends on the situations we live in and which we are forced to face. Because in real life, when we are wronged, each of us can become bad and feel the desire to do evil, to take revenge. In these songs, our bad side wins ”.

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