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Lords Of Black Announce New Album MECHANICS OF PREDACITY!

Renowned for their mastery of prog-power, Lords of Black are set to captivate audiences once again with their sixth studio album, "Mechanics Of Predacity," slated for a global release by Frontiers Music on March 15th, 2024. This monumental release marks a pinnacle in the band's evolution, seamlessly fusing power, epic grandeur, and intense musicality with a profound narrative woven through evocative lyricism. Tony Hernando's exceptional musical composition, Ronnie Romero's emotive vocals, and the formidable rhythm section of bassist Dani Criado and drummer Jo Nunez converge in this release, a testament to the band's artistic prowess.


Dive into the World of Prog-Power with new single and video "For What Is Owed To Us"

Prepare for an unparalleled auditory journey as "Mechanics Of Predacity" sets to release worldwide on March 15th, 2024.


Tony Hernando shares insights into the album, describing the opening track as a "cool, fast, full-on metal song." The lyrics delve into themes of retribution, standing for truth, and resisting the onslaught of lies and intimidation. In a world tainted by power-hungry individuals, the song carries a message of hope anchored in the resilience of one true and honest soul.


"Mechanics Of Predacity" embarks on a profound exploration of humanity's primal instinct—PREDACITY. From the earliest days of humble animal and tribal existence to the complex dynamics of modern society, the album meticulously navigates the relentless nature of human predation.


The narrative unfolds as a contemplation of how individuals, tribes, nations, and entities engage in an unending cycle of predation. It fearlessly addresses the harsh reality that greed, power, and malevolence have consistently fueled conflicts throughout history.


Yet, amidst the shadows, a counterforce emerges—a struggle waged by love, kindness, and humanity. This eternal conflict between oppressors and the oppressed, predators and victims, is encapsulated in the poignant observation that "the weak ones seem to be just the meat for the strong ones to eat". "Mechanics Of Predacity" transcends being a mere album; it stands as a lyrical and musical expedition into the very essence of human existence. Here, the tension between predator and prey serves as both a lament and a call for redemption.

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