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  • Jason Hesley

Listen to Putrid Defecation's new single "Impending Anal Leakage"

Finnish toilet slam band Putrid Defecation, hailing from Espoo, continues to spread their unique blend of humor and extreme metal with their new single "Impending Anal Leakage". Released on streaming platforms and YouTube on May 31, 2024, this intense, one-minute-long track showcases the band's raw energy and musical prowess. The song features guest appearances by Jori Kemppi (Discreant) and Aleksi Kiianlehto (What Awaits Us).

Putrid Defecation has gained notable exposure through their street live performances, and "Impending Anal Leakage" is a prime example of their sound with the new lineup. The single was mixed and mastered by Atte Karm, ensuring a powerful and polished production that captures the band's essence.

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