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Listen to Above the Ocean's debut single "Love Song (For the Broken)"

Modern Metal Band Above the Ocean pours scorn on traditional love songs in debut single “Love Song (For the Broken)”

An uplifting anthem of self-love that goes from the catchiest chorus to the sickest breakdown!

“Love Song (For the Broken)” is the debut single of Portuguese DIY Modern Metal Band Above the Ocean. Set to release on May 10th in all major platforms, it’s a song about moving on after being heartbroken, a feeling everyone can relate to.

This is a stand against most love songs, where shattered hearts cry for those who caused them harm, it’s a manifest of self-love that promises a brighter future, free of love’s sick embrace.

This straightforward heavy, catchy, and uplifting song was recorded in the band’s hometown Évora, by Xinês and André Vicente and was mixed and mastered by Marco Cipriano. It’s accompanied by a music video, directed by Diogo Fragoso and André Bagorro, featuring the actress Catarina Escobar, which was recorded at the Sociedade Harmonia Eborense (SHE), an important cultural center in the heart of Évora with 175 years of history.

The band adds: “We are thrilled to release our first single, the reaction to this song on our live shows has been amazing so it feels great to finally put it out there for everyone to listen. Overall, we’re really happy with both the song and the video, and we think the lyrics have a very important message. We noticed most love songs are about someone who’s been brokenhearted and is ready to crawl back to the one who broke them, so we figured we should make a happy love song about someone who is ready to move on with their live and leave the pain behind”.

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