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  • Jason Hesley

LIEWEAVER: Ukrainian death metallers share "Last Hope" single!

Ukraine’s death metallers LIEWEAVER have today shared a new single entitled “Last Hope”. Stream it HERE.

LIEWEAVER convince with a dark mixture of everything that is extreme, but with grooves and modern sounding, recognizable songs, that basically can be described as black hymns with pit-stirring mentality.

LIEWEAVER first began to coalesce in October 2018 through the union of vocalist Vasiliy Kutsenko, guitarist Alex Choopov, and drummer Bogdan Fesenko. Soon, guitarist Alex Reshetnuk joined the group, and together they released a a debut single, “Paradox Of Creation“. A few months later bassist Bogdan Khoroshilov joined the band, and in February 2021 Ruslan Kovtun (keys/synth) completed the line-up for the recording of “The Origin” EP, which released by Lethal Scissor Records a few months later.

After release of the EP, the band kept themselves busy by playing gigs and working on new material. The outbreak of war made the band's activities difficult for some time, but lately LIEWEAVER have managed to return on stage and to focus on songwriting once again.

The band’s new single, “Last Hope”, can be considered the swansong of their old sound. LIEWEAVER are now working on brand new material that while retaining the heaviness of the old style, will delve into a darker spectrum of sounds and concepts.

Watch for more news on other upcoming LIEWEAVER activities to be posted shortly.

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