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  • Jason Hesley

LETALLIS Release New Single "The Vizier and the Sage"

LETALLIS has revealed their new single "The Vizier and the Sage" from their upcoming EP, A Thousand And One Nights - Chapter 1. 

The band comments: "This story is about a king who is stricken with leprosy. A man who has everything he could want in life, except his physical appearance. One day the king is approached by a sage who says he can cure him of his disease. The King, initially trusting the sage, takes him in and grants him many treasures. The king's vizier, a very ill-intentioned manipulator, convinces the king the sage cannot be trusted. The king eventually has the sage beheaded. But before his head is removed, he tells the king he has one last gift. After his beheading, place the sage's head on a plate and he will instruct him. The king, instructed to read from a book by the now only head, flips through the pages, only to find them poisoned and is killed by the sage. The sage's head proceeds to speak of how if the king hadn’t been manipulated by hate, he would still be alive. Overall a story of how many people already have all they need in life, if they only look for it. And to not be coerced by hateful opinions of others."

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