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  • Jason Hesley

"Legion Unleashes Its Musical Power with 'Migrants'

The metal band Barranquillera, (Colombia), known as Legión, surprises us with the release of their new and powerful song entitled "Migrantes". This moving composition delves deeply into the migratory journeys that millions of people undertake in search of a better life, leaving behind their homes, families and homelands for various pressing reasons.

"Migrants" pays tribute to brave souls who face insurmountable challenges in their quest for a brighter future. The song is a compendium of the experiences of those who venture into this human odyssey, driven by circumstances ranging from fleeing armed conflict to seeking economic opportunity. With deeply moving lyrics and metaphors, the song captures the stories of those who risk everything on their journey into the unknown.

Kabir Suescun, member of the band, comments: "The sound of Legion is characterized by its emotionality and character in the compositions, combining aggressive and cadentious melodies, as well as challenging sections with constant rhythmic changes, exploring the terrain of Progressive Rock-Metal".

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