• Jason Hesley

Leaves' Eyes release own documentary!

Join the world of Viking Lifestyle, Norse Mythology and the music of LEAVES' EYES!

The Symphonic Metal pioneers around Alexander Krull and Finnish female singer Elina Siirala released part 1 of the 95 minutes "Viking Spirit" film documentary,available on the Ltd. Artbook Edition of "The Last Viking" out 23rd October, 2020, a couple of days ago on YouTube.

See how deep the band stepped into the worldwide Viking scene, became an important an ever since active part of the Viking reenactment community and events.

This is part 1 of 3, which contains the following chapters/themes: 1. VIKING LIFESTYLE 2. LIVING HISTORY 3. VIKINGS OF THE WORLD 4. ALEX THE VIKING 5. NORSE MYTHOLOGY & MUSIC 6. VIKING FAMILY

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