• Jason Hesley

LAZY LEGS: Portland based doomgaze band to release "Moth Mother" on vinyl via Tartarus Records!

Tartarus Records is proud to present LAZY LEGS' last album, "Moth Mother", on vinyl.

An official streaming of the record and a track by track breakdown can be found at THIS LOCATION thanks to the amazing IDIOTEQ.

Portland based shoegaze band, LAZY LEGS set a heavy, sullen mood with their sophomore album, "Moth Mother". Filled with thick distortion, ghostly vocals and songs that deal with anxiety, trauma and other mental health issues.

"Moth Mother" is a departure from the band's previous work, leaning into more raw, darkened territory. Crushing blocks of guitar distortion stand next to calm interludes, all coated by pensive, reverb-laden vocal harmonies. The album strikes a balance between gentle resignation and smothering depression, whilst maintaining a serene sense of catharsis. Songs such as "It's True" are emblematic of this feeling, seemingly perfect as the soundtrack to a prom night ending in tears.

Recorded entirely in the duo's home basement studio, "Moth Mother" offers a dose of lo-fi shoegaze, grunge, slowcore and doomgaze, with big influences from True Widow, Duster and Low.

"Moth Mother" will be released in vinyl format via Tartarus Records on 25th September 2020.

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