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  • Jason Hesley

LaVein and Born Zero Unleash Raw Power in Joint Tour Across the UK!

Dublin-based metal and hardcore force, LaVein, and Birmingham's rising stars, Born Zero, are teaming up for an electrifying joint tour across the United Kingdom. Known for their intense live performances and unique sounds, both bands are set to bring a brutal assault to audiences in March 2024.

LaVein: Forged in Dublin, Refined on Stage

Formed in early 2023, LaVein has quickly become a powerhouse in the Irish metal and hardcore community. Drawing inspiration from 90s and 00s hardcore, coupled with the technicality of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal, LaVein has crafted a sound that is raw, aggressive, and undeniably heavy. Their menacing barrage of noise and energy has captivated audiences, leading them to victory in the Irish Metal 2 The Masses competition in May 2023. LaVein represented Ireland at Bloodstock Open Air in August 2023, debuted in the United Kingdom to an energetic festival crowd.

Born Zero: Birmingham's Groove-Heavy Phenomenon

Hailing from the underground of the Birmingham metal scene, Born Zero is a four-piece metal/hardcore band making waves with their diverse and groove-heavy sound. Incorporating influences from both classic and contemporary metal, Born Zero refuses to be confined to genre boundaries. With rap-style vocals from lead singer Levi and a dynamic range that includes lighter components, Born Zero delivers a punchy and unforgettable live experience. Having been a dominant force in the UK underground scene, Born Zero is ready to hit the road once again and share their burly, hard-hitting set with fans across the country.

Tour Dates:

  • Sunday, 3rd March: Cart & Horses, London

  • Monday, 4th March: Anvil, Bournemouth

  • Tuesday, 5th March: The Cobblestones, Bridgwater

  • Thursday, 7th March: The Green Rooms, Treforest

  • Friday, 8th March: Metal Monocle, Leicester (LaVein ONLY)

  • Friday, 8th March: Tap N Tumbler, Nottingham (Born Zero ONLY)

  • Saturday, 9th March: Giffard Arms, Wolverhampton

  • Sunday, 10th March: Record Junkee, Sheffield

Prepare for a tour full of  unbridled energy, relentless riffs, and an unforgettable metal experience as LaVein and Born Zero bring their powerful performances to a venue near you. Don't miss out on this dynamic tour that promises to leave metalheads craving more.

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