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  • Jason Hesley

LATE NIGHT VENTURE releases new album 'V: Bones Of The Extinct'

Today, the Copenhagen, Denmark based post metal quintet LATE NIGHT VENTURE release their fifth album ‘V: Bones Of The Extinct’ through Trepanation Recordings and Vinyltroll Records. Singer/guitarist and lyricist Michael Falk states on the album:

“The songs on "V: Bones of the Extinct" covers three different aspects of human detachment and division.

How we as humans have alienated ourselves from the nature we're a part of (Hostile Nature/Mammut).

How we divide ourselves from each other in society (Armed Warrior/Hate Speech).

How ultimately we will all be detached from ourselves and the ones close to us (Reappear/Prognosis Negative).”

‘V: Bones Of The Extinct’ is now available on Vinyl, CD and MC HERE.

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