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  • Jason Hesley

LanzerRath Unleash Metagalactic Domination via Northern Spire Productions!

From the black hole comes LanzerRath...

The band's newest album, Metagalactic Domination offers 7 tracks of ultra-raw and otherworldly black metal. Metagalactic Domination is out now on CD, digital, and cassette formats on Northern Spire Productions.

Order the album at

Stream Metagalactic Domination on Spotify.

Metagalactic Domination Tracklisting:

1. A New Torment Begins

2. Supernova Remnants

3. Shackled By Perdition

4. Sin And Innocence

5. Galactic Will Of Oppression

6. Ghosts Of Ruin

7. Through Comstats We Scream (CD Bonus)

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