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  • Jason Hesley

Lanayah streams two tracks off the upcoming album!

Experimental collective Lanayah returns with their third full-length, I’m Picking Lights in a Field..., scheduled for 16 June via Anima Recordings (CD + digital) and Drongo Tapes (cassette). The Santa Barbara/Seattle dreamy, heavy group is streaming two tracks — “Nameless Fluttering” and “Knife, Mirror”— from the album.

Offers Lanayah on the tracks:

“A six-minute guided nature walk through one’s memories, ‘Nameless Fluttering’ is the second of four movements present on ‘I’m Picking Lights in a Field…’ and the record’s brightest point before surrendering and giving way to the encroaching, hallucinatory darkness of (the succeeding track) ‘Knife, Mirror.’”

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