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  • Jason Hesley

LAMB OF GOD - unleash explosive new single 'Evidence'!

Back with a crushing anthem, LAMB OF GOD unleash a brand-new single entitled 'Evidence'. The GRAMMY® Award-nominated metal titans originally recorded the song during the sessions for their acclaimed 2022 opus and ninth full-length LP, Omens.

They’ve uncovered it in honor of the latter’s one-year anniversary today.

Listen to 'Evidence' here:

Regarding the single, vocalist Randy Blythe shared, “One of the more baffling aspects of modern day life is the conscious rejection of empirical facts in favor of Internet echo chamber emotional security blankets. Truth is not subjective, no matter how uncomfortable that makes some people. Art is though, so enjoy the song, however you may choose to interpret it.”

Exploding as a signature LAMB OF GOD pit-starter, 'Evidence' barges in with a pummeling polyrhythmic groove fortified by airtight riffing. Against this backdrop, Blythe’s apocalyptic observations cut deep as he muses, “The road to hell is paved with bad concessions,” before repeating on the refrain, “The body politic has decomposed.” It culminates on one last burst of cathartic energy baptized in distortion and venomous screams.

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