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LAM release their single, "Ruin" ahead of the Ep "Liber K"

Lam is an exciting new alternative metal group from Méribel, France and Warrington, UK. Featuring Mike Pilat on lead vocals (from acclaimed Swiss metal band Herod, ex The Ocean), George Whalley (Broohaha, Gotts Street Park) on drums, Ben Vickers and James Beedham on guitar and bass. The name ‘Lam’ comes from an entity encountered by occultist Aleister Crowley in the 1910’s, during a ritual known as the Amalantrah Working. Lam is said to have passed through from another dimension and a portrait drawn of the entity after the event, went on to become the visual archetype for the ‘Grey’ aliens in modern popular culture.

The band formed in March 2020, and by September their first three track EP ‘Liber K’ was finished - recorded all remotely, separate from each other during the first Covid-19 lockdown. Available to download from 11/02/21, what began as a way to fill the time on a cold bare mountain in the French Alps, developed quickly and unwittingly into a full blown representation of the effects the virus was having, not only on a personal level, but socially too. These ideas are prominent in debut single ‘Ruin’ (available online 14/01/21), screamed through Mike’s atonal incantation as the virus promises to - ‘Sow your fields with salt, and hail the ruin’, a sentiment carried off in the ominous toll of the church bell, disappearing into the desolate distance.

Check out the track below.

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