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  • Jason Hesley

KVLL Releases Bone-Crushing New Single "Annihilator"

Australian doom/sludge metal band KVLL release their latest song, “Annihilator,”! This devastating track that fans of Conan, Primitive Man , and Bongripper will find completely addictive is a track of pure evil, force, and darkness. 

“Annihilator” rises as the epitome of Death Doom Metal: the single’s somber, oppressive atmosphere is countered by a low-tuned, oppressive sound. The single features gigantic drums, a guitar and bass attack, and raw vocals that engulf listeners in an atmosphere of outright hostility and desperation. 

The release of “Annihilator” therefore stands as a new step in KVLL’s discography, providing a powerful and intense listening that is at once hypnotizing and annihilating. Listeners can anticipate to be surrounded by the track’s dominating and unstoppable sonar.

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