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  • Jason Hesley

KRYPTOS release "Sirens of Steel" lyric video!

This summer, on July 5, 2024, India's heavy metal powerhouse KRYPTOS unleashes their furious, new studio offering Decimator via AFM Records. In support of their forthcoming album, the band was gearing up for a series of live dates in Europe as well as their first-ever headlining tour in Australia, which has now been postponed to 2025.

Read the devastating news and statement from KRYPTOS here:

"Metalheads and touring bands, watch out! Our guitars, pedalboards, drumkit and other stage equipment was stolen by our Czech tourvan driver in May 2024! He took our gear and sold them to a pawn shop in Prague for next to nothing. Despite his full written confession to the Czech police, and despite us filing numerous reports, there seems to be no action whatsoever. He walks free while we’re stuck in a major financial hole due to the massive costs we had to bear to keep the Electrify Europe tour going, and to cover the loss of our beloved gear. We're not the kind of band to ask for a handout but we welcome all support! Make sure you head to the AFM Records store and grab a copy of our upcoming studio album DECIMATOR, or head to our Bandcamp and pick up some of the merch we have for sale. We're battered and bruised but we're not down for the count. We'll never give up and heavy metal will never die! We'll be back on the road soon enough, but until then, play our music loud!"

You can support the band via the AFM Records shop at: or via their Bandcamp on:

A lyric video for their new single, the album opening track "Sirens of Steel" ( out now on all digital providers via ) is premiering above.

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