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  • Jason Hesley

Krypticy to release "The Non-Return"

After carving out a fierce reputation as death metal butchers playing alongside Avulsed, Wormed, Aposento, Necrophiliac, or Ataraxy, Andalusia’s Krypticy are ready to release The Non-Return, their second album.

Four years after Hideous Being, their debut full-length, the band from Málaga have put together a collection of sonic massacres that will make the eardrums of any fan of Autopsy, Benediction, Death, Atheist, Pestilence, Vomitory, or Suffocation tremble, thanks in part to a recording, mixing and mastering by Thor Nay at his Wave Nation Studio. With “human suffering as an inevitable destiny” as the main lyrical asset, Carla Leiva from Cardaver Art has been in charge of the striking cover artwork.

In their new opus, Krypticy make no attempt to disguise with which cards they play this bloody game. Classic, crushing, old school death metal, without forgetting the refined technique and breathtaking twists. Sharing members with Rebel Souls or Pachydermo Scato, we didn’t expect anything else. Let the heads roll!

Between psychopaths, murders and viscera, Krypticy pay homage to the usual death metal, as aggressive and raw as we discovered it too many years ago.

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