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  • Jason Hesley

Kryour shows musical maturity with new single “Chrysalism”

Established as one of the prominent names in the Brazilian metal scene, the band Kryour released their new single “Chrysalism” on August 4th. The song also received an intense music video, directed by Felipe Hervoso (AXTY) and the band's drummer, Matt Carrilho.

The song was produced, mixed and mastered by vocalist and guitarist Gustavo Iandoli and producer Jo Peschiera (AXTY). The sound brings the characteristic musicality of the quartet, while expanding horizons by assimilating new influences. The clean and guttural vocals alternate between several musical layers, which result in a rich and captivating composition. The single is a release by Outono Music, a label specializing in rock and metal, distributed by Universal Music, the world leader in the music segment.

Listen to the single:

Watch the music video for “Chrysalism”:

The group is always working in search of new artistic perspectives, aiming to release an EP later this year. Formed in 2014, Kryour officially debuted with the album "Where Treasures Are Nothing", a conceptual work that revolves around facts from birth to death and addresses human values and resilience, produced by Diego Castro, and with cover art by Carlos Fides (Evergrey, Narnia, Semblant, Shaman).

With the great repercussion between the public and the specialized media, Kryour was one of the winning bands of the cultural contest New Rock Bands, which had more than 700 entries, and shared the stage with the giant of world prog metal, Symphony X. The lineup features Gustavo Iandoli (vocals and guitar), Guba Oliveira (guitar), Gustavo Muniz (bass) and Matt Carrilho (drums).

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