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  • Jason Hesley

KRE^U to release album May 9th!

KRE^U is not just music. KRE^U is the pursuance of the identity, culture and history of Sardinia, its ancestors and their heritage. KRE'U crafts into music the events and hard lives of an ancient lineage who faced the violent nature of Barbagia (Sardinia). KRE^U greets all the outlaws and bandits who fought, withstanded and died for their individuality and independence during the Savoy period (1720-1861).

KRE^U Black-Dark Metal old school style is epic, aggressive and rich of pathos, with plenty of rebellous and martial suggestions. A Tenores chants and lyrics strictly in ancient Sardinian language enriches the whole sound, creating unique phonetics expressively angry, evocative and polytonal, The spirit of the mighty bandits of Sardinia animate KRE^U sound and music: welcome their defiant return.

Kre^uhas been printed in a total of 300 copies. A premium edition: A5 Hardcover Digibook CD with 20-pages book. The special edition (limited to 30 handnumbered copies) comes with handmade cork cardboard packaging with Kre'u logo stamp and "Dustizia Mala", 12-pages book, exposing the historical causes of Sardinian banditry. Sardinian language and english. Written by Ignazio Cuga (Kre'u mastermind).

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