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  • Jason Hesley

KONVOLTED Transform Their Design For ‘Human Reification’

Human Reification, the debut album from Konvolted, has so far has been labeled as somewhere in between thrash metal and alternative heavy rock. Critics have said, it's grooving, so they called it Pantera, but it's also technical, so it was Annihilator. According to some, the vocals sound like NOLA, others claimed Metallica. It's said to be old school, but not in the common way. It's sounds like underground, but well produced, what is it?

The album was mixed and mastered by none other than Rich Gray, an excellent bass player and owner of recording studio Gray Matter Audio in England. He built a sound for Human Reification that is modern and out of time at the same. Very dry and down to earth to get a clear sonic image without altering the mic recorded sound of the instruments too much.

Everything is finished off with guests appearances on vocals from the legendary Kyle Thomas of Exhorder, plus the not yet well known, but talented french singer Jordan Gazeau, taking over vocal duties for one song each.


01. Through Fog | 02. Remediation | 03. Overspent | 04. Feat | 05. Cautery | 06. Moderate Game | 07. Mockery | 08. Pendulum | 09. Tossed Into

Human Reification | Released August 1st, 2023 via Sliptrick Records!

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