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  • Jason Hesley

KONG release "Traders Of Truth"

Traders Of Truth, the ninth studio album from Dutch progressive metalists Kong, contains eleven almost entirely instrumental tracks featuring their signature mix of progressive metal, dance, industrial and ambient.

In contrast to earlier releases, Traders Of Truth is not the result of jam sessions in the rehearsal room in which all bandmembers had an equal share. This time all the songs were initiated by one of the musicians and shared (mostly over the internet) with the others to contribute their parts and to reshape and refine the arrangements. This way of working resulted in a wide variety of directions, moods and sounds, which in the end all somehow fit in the eclectic style that always has been typical of Kong's music.

Sessions took place at different locations: two attics and a basement in Amsterdam and a former cloister in Amersfoort served as recording studio. The album was mixed by Dag Erik Nygaard (known from his work with Abbath, The Gathering and Ribozyme) in his studio in Bergen, Norway.

Tracklist:01. Radiance | 02. Hit That Red | 03. Fringing | 04. Rök | 05. Mirrorizon | 06. Glasslands | 07. Ripper | 08. Chaos As Law | 09. Stray Marks | 10. Flat Earth Sobriety | 11. Destressed & Unrestrained

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