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  • Jason Hesley

KNIGHTFALL release Lyric Visualizer Video "Warcries"

"Warcries" features Stefani Keogh on main Vocals, which also cowrote lyrics on this song as well. Patrick Goble performed the guitars.

Mastermind Keith Dombrowski says about the new single and video:

"'Warcries' draws its inspiration from my deep admiration for Viking culture and history, renowned for their ferocity and prowess in battle. The song serves as a metaphor for the relentless struggles we face in life.

For independent artists like me, the music industry represents a daunting battlefield where being heard is an ongoing challenge. In a landscape saturated with music, breaking through has become increasingly arduous. My impassioned cry resonates with the frustrations and anger shared by many artists navigating this harsh reality.

To capture the spirit of a Viking army, I have invited fellow musicians to join me in chanting the chorus, creating a powerful collective voice. Many of these voices belong to independent artists themselves, uniting in solidarity against the obstacles they confront in the industry. Through 'Warcries', I channel my emotions, using music as a vessel to express my defiance and determination."

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