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  • Jason Hesley

KILTER Release Live Video For "Interlude-Climax"

The progressive/post metal trio KILTER have released a video for "Interlude Climax" from their new EP, The Suspended Woman, featuring ANDROMEDA ANARCHIA. The EP showcases a number of pieces from their opera La Suspendida and offers a taste of their forthcoming 2024 full-length offering. 

Alongside the large-scale stage production of the opera La Suspendida, KILTER offers an album featuring selected titles from it, arranged for a trio of drums, electric bass, and bass saxophone. Similar to BENJAMIN BRITTEN's "Four Sea Interludes from Peter Grimes", KILTER presents here the very essence of their compositions. The jazz metal fusion of Laurent David, Kenny Grohowski, and Ed Rosenberg III combines drones, blasts, riffs, and patterns to create a unique sonic experience.

Watch "Interlude-Climax" Here:

In addition, Kilter will be playing a show this Friday in NYC at Saint Vitus. Get tickets here:

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