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  • Jason Hesley

Killhall release "Skullsplitter"

Finnish-Estonian metal band Killhall released their debut album 'Skullsplitter' on June 2nd 2023 via Inverse Records.


Killhall happened because of the need to evolve. Coming to rehearse together from over 666 kilometers and from two neighbouring countries you'd be right to ask: "Why the fuck? Don't you have anyone else to play with at your hometown?" The true answer to it is that all Killhall members have 15+ years of gigs, rehearsals, comings and goings behind their back and at one point you just want to find the right guy next to you. Shortly to blast some badass heavy metal, see the people jump up and down to your music and to make a statement what metal should be in our ears and eyes and is in our northern hearts.

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